Quality New & Used Starting Units from Kaestner

Have your truck or vehicle fleet prepared for winter with a Goodall starting unit from Kaestner! We sell, rebuild, and repair both reconditioned and new jump starting units in our Waukesha shop. When your plow or salter truck won’t start in the cold when you need it, you lose valuable time and money. Be ready with a premium quality American-built starting unit from Goodall!

We have many units available or ready to order for 12- or 24-volt vehicles that are heavy duty, hard-working, and reliable, even in the worst conditions.

Goodall 600 Series 12- and 24-Volt Starting Units

Some of the premium Goodall 600 Series Power Equipment offers 12- and 24-volt jump starting with air power that enhances your mobile power capabilities, eliminating the need for a separate air compressor to power your light or medium duty air tools. Others offer 12- and 24-volt jump starting with AC that will boost engines in cold weather climates time and time again, with the power of an AC Generator to run power tools and lights to illuminate your work site!

These premium starting units are perfect for jump starting transit fleets, buses, and even off-road construction equipment to get them up and running, even in the harsh Winter cold.

Call Kaestner today or stop in to discuss your power needs, and let’s find you the perfect solution to have you ready for Winter!

goodall starting units

Goodall Starting Unit

reconditioned goodall starting unit

goodall starting unit rebuilt by kaestner auto electric