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Trailer brake wiring repair by Kaestner

Trailer Light Wiring Repair by Kaestner Auto Electric

It’s important to check your trailer lights each time before using your trailer to make sure they are functioning properly. Properly operating trailer lights are essential for safety on the road. If your lights aren’t working correctly, or if you are having trouble with wiring trailer lights or connecting your trailer wiring harness, bring your trailer (and your trailer brake wiring) to Kaestner Auto Electric. Have us take care of your trailer light wiring repair for you!

Whether the problem is simply needing to replace a burnt out trailer bulb, or a more involved wiring issue with the harness, connectors, or the grounding wire, we will diagnose and fix the problem for you, quickly and affordably.

We can:

  • Troubleshoot the trailer’s electrical system with a tester
  • Check the ground wiring
  • Clean the connector plugs and replace any bad bulbs
  • Clean corroded light sockets
  • Run a continuity test
  • Replace the wiring, if necessary
Horse Trailer Wiring Repair by Kaestner

Horse Trailer Wiring Repair by Kaestner

Horse Trailer Wiring Repair

Waukesha is in a unique location—a city just west of metro Milwaukee, with the rural counties and farming communities of Washington, Dodge, Jefferson, Walworth, and Racine surrounding us.

Not only do we fix wiring on automobiles, fleet trucks, and vans, we can repair electrical issues with your farming equipment as well—tractors, ploughs, horse trailers, and more.

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