school bus & coach HI-Amp alternators

We Service School Bus & Coach Hi-Amp Alternators for Your Transit Fleets

At Kaestner Auto Electric, we service school bus and coach Hi-Amp alternators for school bus and transit fleets. Our specialists can repair a single vehicle, or your entire fleet! Our knowledgeable staff and years of experience set us apart from the competition. We have built our business on the quality of the products and the high level of service we provide.

At Kaestner, we sell and rebuild name brand alternators such as:

  • Permtex
  • Leece-Neville
  • Valeo
  • Bosch
  • and more!

We also rebuild and stock starters for these vehicles. At Kaestner Automotive Electric, “We Keep You Moving!”

Call Kaestner Auto Electric Today (262) 547-9600! 

starter and alternator repair by kaestner

95% of the time We Can Provide You With A Starter Or Alternator By Noon The Next Working Day!! Same Day Shipping on In-Stock Units ordered by 3pm CST!